Modern eSignatures for your business

Traditional eSignatures

You are probably familiar with traditional eSignatures. by PactSafe offers traditional eSignatures at no cost with our free plan. Register for a free account and start signing now!

Text-to-Sign, Click-to-Accept and more!

Say goodbye to squiggly line signatures. Our’s proprietary “click-to-sign” is guaranteed to be legally binding, enforceable, and faster than traditional eSignatures. And since we live in a mobile-first world, you can also get contracts signed via text message. No other product creates frictionless, legally binding contracts via text message.

Your signed contracts in one spot

Behind every click, tap, or eSignature, is a state-of-the-art electronic recordkeeping system that removes any questions about legality and security. Built for compliance with all major electronic signature laws, and backed by encrypted, immutable records, you can be confident that your contracts are safe, secure, and legally binding.

Flexible, simple and secure integrations.

Our platform has powerful integrations that allow you to automate everything about your contract signing and eSignature workflows. Integations include Saleforce and other CRMs, Slack and other messaging platforms, eCommerce platforms and more.

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