Getting started with PactSafe’s eSignature API

PactSafe’s eSignature API is the best way for you to integrate our legal system of record into your own apps.

Our one of a kind system is designed to take the guesswork out of managing your digital legal content, implementation, and record keeping on your website and mobile app.

What does our eSignature API do?

Good question! With PactSafe, it’s easy to customize what our API can do for you. Use our JavaScript Library to:

  • Load your checkbox into a form correctly
  • Use “Test Mode” in development
  • Validate that someone has accepted your various contracts
  • Disable sending when the box is checked
  • Manually send acceptance in JavaScript

Want something simple? Our Activity API returns three basic calls to help you get started. Use our Activity API if you don’t want to use JavaScript on your site, or you have a specific need to retrieve information on a user outside the context of a form on a page.Try our latest, retrieve, and send  calls:

  1. Latest returns a JSON object set of Contract IDs and boolean true/false values based on whether or not a signer has accepted the latest versions of a Group of Contracts.
  2. Retrieve returns a JSON object set of Contract IDs and Version IDs to tell you which versions your signer has accepted.
  3. Send will send us Contract IDs and Version IDs (as well as signer information and site Access ID) to track who’s accepted what.

Looking to get tech-y? Our REST API is here for you. This API can help you make more intuitive contracts than ever before, like:

  • Retrieving the content of a Contract stored in PactSafe.
  • Sending a Contract to an individual for electronic signature.
  • Retrieving or updating metadata about a contract like tags, name, or description.
  • Updating a user’s login details.
  • Retrieving detailed activity for a signer.

How do all of these work together to create the most powerful eSignature API? Easy. PactSafe gives you the power. Work on things like creating or versioning contracts, updating user information, sending contracts manually, and more. Overwhelmed? We’ll break it down for you. Check out more on using our eSignature API for websites, mobile apps, business, and more.