eSignature API for Business

Is your business just getting off the ground or have you been around for ever? Either way we’re here for you. You’ll have access to our JavaScript Library and Developer toolkit, your own key to our PactSafe Vault, click-through tracking on your site, and even more.

B2B Clients

Our eSignature API can hold as many seats and senders as you need. With our API you can control how many clickwraps, SMS contracts, and integrations you need.

How do we work with your business?

Easy. Our Vault helps you keep track of your groups, contracts, and signers on all your platforms. Do more than eSignatures with our “Click-to-Accept” and SMS features to help you take your business to the next level. Our API can be tailored to host contract forms, add more developer tools, or add new integrations with platforms and sites you use every day.

B2C Clients

Our eSignature API helps keep your signers organized.

How do we work with your business?

Our vault helps you control all your brands, sites, and products as easily as clicking a button. Our Click-Through Tracking can help you monitor how users are interacting with you and your products. Our REST API helps you send detailed, sophisticated, and tailored contracts that do more than just get a signature.

What can our REST API do for you?

Simple. We help you get the most detailed information, tasks, and contracts without making a hassle for you. Don’t have time to play around in our JavaScript Library? Setting up our REST API is cake.

To get our it working for you all you need are three things:

  1. A PactSafe account with REST API access. And yes, we do offer limited functionality in a developer account. Learn more at
  2. You’ll need to create an App and generate an API Access Token in your PactSafe profile here:
  1. You’ll need to create & publish a Contract in PactSafe and get the ID (it’s the integer in the URL). Learn more on that here.

Yup, that’s it.

Our JavaScript Library

If your looking to feel the full power of our JavaScript Library settle in and code with our extensive, easy-to-follow guides on setting up and customizing your plugin. Our library is universally useful for plugging into your website and web app, but for our B2C clients it can help with ecommerce, your SaaS app, and more.

The Big Picture

Okay, this can be overwhelming information. Here’s the good thing: we’re here for you. Our API can push the boundaries of traditional eSignature technology and launch your business to the next level. Be it B2B, B2C, or something in between PactSafe is here to save the day, make your life easier, and most importantly–help you make contracts a seamless part of doing business.