Sending enough contracts on a daily or weekly basis that you think it’s time you put a solution in place to control and manage the process more effectively? Here’s are four factors to consider — and some other tips.


Are electronic signatures legal? Does this vendor provide additional resources to capture the steps it takes each customer to e-sign a document?


The vendor should mention a digital fingerprint within signed documents to validate the integrity of the electronic record. This makes sure to keep your customer’s e-signatures safe and secure.

Custom Usability

Electronic signature platforms should be easy for all departments in your company to use. There should also be collaboration tools in place for multiple users to access contracts and documents before they are sent to signers. Logos and editing should be accessible prior to sending documents in order to maintain your company’s brand.


You need a software that will allow your team access to as many records, signatures, and sendable contracts as your team needs.

What Signature Acceleration Platforms do leading vendors use?

Leading eSignature vendors execute contracts on their own sites using the best form of electronic signature: click-to-sign agreements. They are the fastest, most seamless way of capturing  signatures online. These fast, easily traceable signatures, however, are not what many of these leading vendors are trying to sell.

Their platforms do not enable customers to contract with their own clients in one click as you are prompted when entering the leading vendor’s site. Sending their contracts to signers requires a multitude of steps. Before users can even prompt their own customers to acquire their signature, you must fill out multiple forms in order to generate the contract that will be signed.

Sure, at the end of this process, lots of companies have the squiggly lined signature that resembles writing on pen and paper. But if this method of e-signing is so great, why don’t these online signature vendors use their own products? Because, it isn’t the fastest way to execute a contract.

How PactSafe does eSignature

Through Transact, PactSafe’s Signature Acceleration Platform, you are able to capture a customer’s consent in one click.

It’s as easy as copy and pasting your contract into PactSafe, selecting who you want to send that contract to, and waiting mere seconds for them to click “I agree.”

It’s the type of service other vendors are using to execute their contracts. Why shouldn’t you?