Are you finding yourself coming to often to send out contracts? If that’s the case, you might have a better option to help you work even faster. PactSafe’s Click-to-Sign Electronic Signature solution provides you with a legally binding, mobile friendly way to easily send contracts to your customers for review and signature. How does it work?  We’re glad you asked!

First – Prepare and send your contract

Unlike most signature solutions, PactSafe allows you to prepare and customize your contracts right inside of your PactSafe dashboard.  Once your contract is complete, you have multiple options for sending it out for electronic signature, including email and creating a hosted form.

Second – Your signer reviews and signs

Once your signer received your contract, they can review and suggest changes / make comments right inline. When they are ready to sign, they simply press “I Agree” creating a valid and binding eSignature!

Third – Record the eSignature

This is the easy part, becuase PactSafe automates this for you.  We track the who, what, where. when and how in compliance with established electronic signature standards.  You can get access to those records whenever you need them.