eSignatures have unlimited capability across a varied number of industries. Check out easy ways for your industry to use electronic signing!

Accounting and Tax

Capture eSignatures fast for all forms that require speedy agreements. Whether you’re helping customers form an LLC, or signing asset purchase agreements or confidentiality agreements, electronic signatures provide a simple, legally binding option to capture customer consent.

Additional uses:

  • Employee contracts
  • Independent contracting agreements
  • Letters of consent
  • RS Forms


Spending time assembling, printing, faxing, requesting signatures, accepting signatures, and filing contracts wastes time for your business. Easily accelerates this process with eSignatures in the construction industry. Simplify quotes, work orders, purchase orders, subcontractor agreements and more!

Additional uses:

  • New hire paperwork
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Freelance contracts
  • Proposal Requests
  • Sales Contracts

Financial Services

Expedite loan requests, opening accounts, investment applications, reimbursement forms with easy click-to-sign signatures. One click is as solid of a signature as a document printed out and signed, except quicker, cleaner, and less hassle!

Think about:

  • Mortgage services
  • Loan Applications
  • Good Faith Estimates


Increase internal compliance with seamless signatures for:

  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Housing Documents
  • Procurement
  • Internal Agreements


Introducing eSignatures to the Healthcare industry could reduce turnaround time for updating customer info and adding it to records. In-office and out-of-office paperwork is time consuming and a pain to issue and file. Patients are expected to arrive at appointments early or fill out paperwork prior to seeing a physician. Time is valuable for customers and your business too! Electronic signing could relieve this pain.

Also a great tool for:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Clinical Studies

Higher Education

With thousands of students and employees for universities to track, eSignatures could accelerate operations in all departments, including:

  • Admissions
  • Campus Living
  • Campus Dining
  • Workstudy
  • Financial Aid
  • Office of the Registrar
  • HR
  • Business Office


With eSignatures being highly accessible on the go, it is perfect for those in the insurance industry. Use quick click-to-sign technology for insurance applications, policies, and agreements.


Increase internal compliance and transparency with your clients through eSignatures that keep digital records of every time they’ve signed. Solid recordkeeping for lawyers, and increased trust for customers.

Nonprofit Organizations

Regulate donor relations, volunteers, and patrons within non-profit organizations. Digital record-keeping allows you to keep track of volunteers, donations, and patrons. Use eSignature for everyday necessities or events! Mobile-access is a real winner here as you can get signatures from anywhere.

Real Estate

No better use-case for mobile-first eSignatures exists than in the world of real estate! Buying and selling will never be easier after experiencing easy, fun, click-to-sign technology. Simplifying this process will make your customers increasingly satisfied.


Software as a service is a booming industry with millions of users entering sites day in and day out. Full disclosure of subscriber agreements is expected in order for customers to use a product. SaaS companies need to make sure these policies are made evident on the front end, but also on the back-end. eSignatures allow for a comprehensive signing experience.

  • Full Transparency
  • Digital Recordkeeping
  • Digital Fingerprint
  • Mobile-first technology
  • Total Online Contract Management