When creating electronic signatures, the number 1 question users ask is, “Is this esignature enforceable?” The answer is yes! However, there are crucial steps that you should take to ensure your signers’ intent to sign is obvious. Make sure your signers know they are signing electronically for happy consumers.

Authenticate signer identity

Even with electronic signatures, you need to make sure the person signing your document is really them in order for the esignature to be valid. You can easily do this by emailing a secure link, or using some form of multi-factor authentication.

Keep organized electronic records of all signed documents.

Who signed your document and how (whether the signature is traditional or electronic) should be recorded within a durable electronic record. Make sure that your signers have a copy of the same record as well.

Change your workflows and speed up business with eSignatures

There are multiple ways to leverage your signature acceleration solution. Too often businesses will use these types of solutions to simply eliminate the need to print and sign a contract. Rather there are capabilities to truly streamline the overall contract processes and make fundamental changes to your workflows to get deals signed faster!